Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Westerner: 1953 Booker T Washington Yearbook Phx Ariz

What a great pictorial history when you have a yearbook from years past that reflect and highlight the people you know. I was over joyed when my friend Gerald Jones shared his sister Gloria's 1953 class yearbook.

I wonder where some of these people are today and what has happened in the turning point of their lives since leaving these halls of Booker T Washington School in Phoenix Arizona. What legacy did they leave for their families and communties be it large or small and did they carry on and appy what they were taught.

Gloria was the Editor in Chief of The Westerner and is the daughter of Reginald and Thelma Jones.

Mr Mason was my art teacher and also a member of the IBPOE of W on south 7th Ave where I was affiliated once upon a time. He is a wonderful human being along with his wife of many years Helen.

I wrote a prior blog where I had mentioned Ms Daniels my homemaking teacher. Ms Daniels has gone on to Glory now as well as her husband Haze Daniels who was a prominent civil rights attorney here in Phoenix.

These are the graduates from 1953 (click on images to enlarge)

Lee Limbs became a United States Deputy Sheriff. R.I.P. Lee

Everyone knew those Tucker guys Ned and Fred especially the girls who always said Ned and Fred in the same breath with "cute"
If those Vann's aren't related to Sandy Vann I don't know who is. I bet those are her aunts. They could all pass for twins.

Just a lil shoutout to George Jr son of George and Merry Hamilton Whitfield

A Booker T Washington Quote: Character Is Power
Library of Congress picture

a special thanks again to Gerald Jones for the use of these images from the yearbook. I wish that I could have posted more but they were too hard to see with clarity.