Monday, March 14, 2011

Reverend Doctor C. C. Somerville And Me: Similarly Speaking

last Saturday I was sitting around wondering where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner. My daughter Latisha and grand kids Taylor and Tyler will foot the bill, even though I am sure the grands will pretend to foot the bill. Tyler and Taylor may spring for the tip.

It sure would be nice if some of the old places that were open back in the day were still in existence; places like Hodges or Town Talk Bar-B-Que. The Closest Stop Cafe that was located right next to First Institutional Baptist Church would even be nice.
Since I don't have any one those options I think that I would love to have some good hot wings from Native New Yorker in Chandler.

My mind also did more travelling as I wondered who all I knew had March Birthdays especially on the 16th and what similarities we may have in common. Strange as it sounds I went to a friends great grandfather who happened to be born in March and on the 16th!!! so I began to dig..

Reverend. C. C. Somerville born on March 16, 1859 in North Carolina: check out this biography see  History Of American Negro.
Similarity:  My great grand father was born in North Carolina and I was born on March 16th 19 hundred and something something. 
Here is the 1870 census Warren County NC with parents and other siblings. Click on image line  26 -30
In 1910 the Reverend is in Portsmouth with his wife Addie and children : see lines 28-36
Reverend C. C. Somerville became a minister and served at many churches one being Ebenezer Baptist Church in Portsmouth Virginia
Similarity:  My grandfather J. P. Daviss became a minister and served at Little Flock Baptist Church.  Me, I went to church on many an occasion and I could say I went at one time to the same church as his grands First Institutional Baptist Church (does that count)
Rev C C's grandchildren lived in AZ : GO CARDS!
Similarity: Reverend J. P. 's grands also lived in AZ and only a block over on 24th and West Washington I might add
Oops, my bad!!  I meant to say 
Reverend C.C. was a publisher of a weekly newspaper The Vigil in Portsmouth Va. The slogan was so right on target. Much To Fight For.
Similarity: I read and glean news from weeklies from back in the day and I write little sayings ( I know that should count)
Highly Favored Savored Sayings by Vicky Daviss Mitchell :  Blind affection is hauntingly  problematic for the soul. Wake up your senses, they are there for the long haul.
Attending many Conferences Reverend  C.C. Somerville was well known for his sermons and lectures. One of his most famous sermons was "The Rooster With Two Dead Heads."
He also wrote several books, The Farmers Boy, My Brothers, and Uncrowned Queen : a treatise on the Negro woman Of America.

This one's for you Gerald and your soulmate MaryEllen.  Arizona had to weep when you two moved away to California.

Happy Birthday Reverend Doctor C.C. Somerville ... I would like to think he smiled and said " Same to you Vicky"