Sunday, October 30, 2011

School Days, School Days Dear Old Golden Rule Days- Booker T Washington Phoenix Arizona

I have to give my friend Erv Campbell for these wonderful class pictures from Booker T Washington School in Phoenix Arizona.

These pictures bought back some more good memories just looking at how we looked back in the day, remembering old crushes and as my blog states, lingering thoughts and loving times.

I am hopeful that more of these oldies will pop up and can be enjoyed by those who still grace this earth and those who can see what their loved ones looked like way back when.

Ms Hardy's Home Room: Class of 1955

Top L-R Benjamin Grimes, Lorena Morgan, David Phillips,need name, Fred Hogue, Margie Tolliver, Alfonso Tilly, the next two need names

2nd row L-R Eli James, Harold Gossett, Gerald Jones, need name, Teddy Lane, need name, Robert Strickland, and need name

1st Row is Ms Hardy, Shirley Robinson, Sam Unk last name, need the names of the next two.

Mr Mason's Home Room Class of 1955

top row from l-r Doris Henry, Easton Tolliver,Vernell Trulove,Fletcher Sanders, Valma Mitchell, Rufus Jacobs, Barbara Jernegan, Raymond Hamilton, Doris Ward

2nd row l-r Vera Turner, Lavern Reed, Shirley King, Wayne Hooks, Doris Miller, George Ervan Campbell, Birde Ann Jackson, George Diggs

bottom row l-r Wilbur Gamble, John Bell, Aubrey Young, Rufus Harris, Mildred Hendrix, Vernon Oquin!


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