Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thoughts of Gloria Jean, John F Kennedy and Me

Every year this time I always think about Gloria Jean and me.

When the mention of John F Kennedy comes up, I think of how lucky Gloria Jean and I was when he came to town in 1960.

There was a rally and parade down town and John F Kennedy was running for the office of President of The United States. 

We were more than excited because we got to get out of class and go see this man who our parents were so bent on voting for.

Besides we were excused for the rest of the day from school and had visions of going to Woolsworth and hanging out in the basement.
The basement was where we all hung out until Cowboy the security came and ran us out. 

When we reached the route to the parade we looked up and saw the car that John F Kennedy was riding in. 
I reached out and shook his hand.

I was taken aback because this man's hand was so soft and at the same time, I had a calm feeling come over me.

I asked Gloria if she noticed how soft his hands were. She said she did and wanted to shake his hand again. 
We took off running ahead of the car and waited for the car to pass by again. We reached up and got another handshake.

I had always wished that I had gotten another handshake after John F Kennedy became President but it was not in the cards.

People often ask me where was I when John F Kennedy was killed. 

I remember that day well; I was laying across my bed at 720 West Wright in Altus Oklahoma.

From the living room I heard breaking news that the president has been shot.

I jumped straight out of bed, went to the living room, sat down and waited. I was hoping I had heard wrong. My hurt turned to sorrow.

As for Gloria Jean, I wish she were here. We could laugh and talk about the times we had. 

When you can remember and smile about old memories and laugh out loud so hard, you cry good tears, then those were the days. 

Perhaps she has already told John F Kennedy that she got to shake his hand, not once but twice.

Rest in Peace both of you.

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  1. Hi Vicky..Do you have a clearer image of the one on here, as well other old photos of Lew King/ First Federal Rangers Show or related early KPHO etc.? Thanks !